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Better Now Than Never

How's life friends? Hopefully its okay not getting you down at the moment. 

Currently I'm taking a class in January to get ahead of everything. Either students can take the entire month of January off as a break or they can take a class to get ahead. The class focuses on Asian History and the Films that it has inspired. The history portion has been a bit dry - perhaps its because I already learned most of the history in past Art History classes to set the stage for the art I studied. As for the movies, I know not every film has a happy ending complete with smiles, rainbows, and whatever. None of them are predicted to have happy endings that we're watching in this class. One was so brutal with treatment of women that it literally gave me nightmares, thus resulting in me having an off day where I proceeded to forget my ID card for my workout and was forced to use my single free lock-out issued per year to get back into my room. >.<

On the other hand, I'm closer to being finished with my collection than I had been this time last year. Heck, last year I was most likely in Venice by now, church hopping, and worrying about the midterm I was going to take for my travel class. I can hardly wait to photograph my models in the looks to start building a portfolio of the sorts. 

In terms of purchases, I splurged on the official Bandai replica of Gokai Yellow/Luka Millfy's jacket which won't come my way until May. But overall, I am very excited as it is beautifully made from the description and images so I'm looking forward to when it arrives from Japan. 

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