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You Don't Bring Me Anything But Down

Over the past few years, I've been able to take a step back and evaluate friendships, new and old with a clearer understanding of what constitutes a good, long-lasting friendship.

I've come to the conclusion that one "friend" whom everyone insisted I meet shares little in common with me, other than a shared interest in some fashion brands. The times I've spent with her are spent listening to her talk about clothes, brands, and in some cases, what kind of cosmetic work she would like to have done/physical changes she'd like to make. I've had to talk her out of a very serious procedure to make her nose look less prominent when in reality, it looks fine. She also was incredibly determined to reach a particular weight, which isn't a bad goal but when you call yourself a "fat ass", "fatty", or the like and you are the stark opposite according to your friends and peers, it really brings them down as they start evaluating themselves. I've fallen out of love with some of our shared fashion styles and find myself putting money towards college loans or timeless pieces from couture houses that I trust for longevity and style.

With regards to political differences, she is very loud about her preferences, almost always trumpeting them loud and clear on social media. It tends to be written with anger or malice towards the other side, accompanied by some colorful language.

Another "friend" I've recently met is also incredibly vocal online. She tends to talk about how much weight she has lost (which is not bad - it was a goal of hers) to half yelling about a hot film receiving so much attention that she can't stand it any more. (Note: She hasn't seen the film yet.)

Ironically, I was introduced to both girls for sharing the same interest in a particular fashion style from another country. But now, I've fallen out of love with the style and both girls seem quite obsessed with it for shallow reasons.

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