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As We Say Farewell to 2011

I swore to post more to this journal which hasn't really happened. Sorry about that gang! 

My Christmas was great in terms of gifts and fun galore. I made most of my presents for my mom, dad, and grandma. Mom got a crocheted circle/infinity scarf, Dad got a Staples Easy Button and a mixed CD of current and classic hits for the car rides to and from work, and Grandma got reversible placemats with cat motifs.

My gifts included:
The Riddler Converse Lo Tops
Batman Comic Converse Lo Tops
A portable scanning wand for books and documents
Navy blue long sleeved dress
Tan/dust colored sleeveless dress
Money from both of my grandmas
An interchangeable wristband Mickey Mouse watch
Chocolate Peppermint Coal Candy
Sprinkles Dark Chocolate Cupcake Mix
$25 Sprinkles Gift Card
Chanel Handbag-esque Ornament from Nordstroms
Coco Chanel book
Comic Con International 40 Years Collectors Book

My scanner is coming in handy as I borrowed Fast Times at Ridgemont High from a library and the book has been out of print for a long time. (Hello e-Book in makeshift version)

I ordered my first 3 pairs of circle lenses, which are fashion contact lenses in different colors or designs that change the eye's look or color easily. I'm anxious to see how I'll look with better brown eyes, green, and grey eyes plus whatever bonus pair the company plans to send my way.

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